The Dharma at Big Sur by John Adams

This landmark work by Pulitzer-winning composer John Adams was commissioned by the Los Angeles Philharmonic and written expressly for Tracy Silverman, who premiered it with the LA Philharmonic at the gala opening of Walt Disney Concert Hall in 2003. It is a 27 minute work in 2 movements, without break, and scored for full symphony minus most woodwinds, and including 2 synthesizers, 2 harps, piano and various exotic percussion. Silverman recorded this electric 6-string violin concerto with the BBC Symphony, John Adams conducting, immediately following a triumphant Great Britain premier at London’s Royal Albert Hall and has performed it all over the world, from Adelaide Festival Hall to New York’s Avery Fisher Hall.


Program Notes
Dharma Review One-Sheet


[wpaudio url=” The Dharma at Big Sur – Part I_ A New Day.mp3″ text=”Part I: A New Day, excerpt” dl=”0″]
[wpaudio url=” The Dharma at Big Sur – Part II_ Sri Moonshine.mp3″ text=”Part II: Sri Moonshine, excerpt” dl=”0″]

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