Anthem 25 by Tracy Silverman

This fanfare was commissioned by and dedicated to my good friend Maestro Andrew Sewell to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the Wisconsin Chamber Orchestra at the closing concert of their 25th season. After a rousing brass fanfare, the electric violin states the clarion-like principle melodic motif. A contrasting lyrical theme leads to a quieter rhythmic groove, driven by the “strumming” of the electric violin. This groove soon leads back to the main melodic motif and then impulsively bursts into a faster closing section in which the orchestral layers pile up over the driving rhythm of the violin, which is playing a rhythmic variation of the motif, in a full throttled crescendo. I wanted to create a sense of celebration within the orchestra itself, so I have incorporated a good deal of dialogue between various instrument sections and also within the percussion section itself, with timpani and bass drums placed on either side of the stage. My goal was for each section of the orchestra to do what they do best in a sort of self-congratulatory party for themselves. Approximately 6 minutes.


Program Notes
Anthem 25 – Score


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