Tracy Silverman's “Between the Kiss and the Chaos” now available on Delos/Naxos Records - Tracy Silverman

Tracy Silverman’s “Between the Kiss and the Chaos” now available on Delos/Naxos Records

The new CD is now available on Delos/Naxos Records! Listen to it and download it here. The main feature of the recording is my 2nd electric violin concerto, “Between the Kiss and the Chaos”, a 5 movement work based on iconic masterpieces of visual art recorded with the amazing Calder Quartet. The remainder of the CD is a 4 movement work of mine for electric violin and loop pedal called “Axis and Orbits”.

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“This recording by the composer and six-string electric violin virtuoso Tracy Silverman features two works that reveal his delight in the sonic riches of his instrument as well as a knack for balancing structural rigor and creative freedom.” —Corinna da Fonseca-Wollheim, NY Times

“A highly creative offering from a distinctly dynamic instrumentalist and composer.” —Lidia de Leon, BlogCritic

“One of contemporary music’s all-round good guys. This recording of two remarkable sets of works for electric violin demonstrates both his performing and composing chops, and very good chops they are indeed.” —Dominy Clements, MusicWeb International

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