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Gear Partners

I’m very enthusiastic about my gear, (as many bored friends will confirm), and proud to endorse:

Barbera Transducers–the pickup is the most important element of the sound. I’ve used Rich Barbera’s amazing transducer pickups since 1981. They were the best pickup for electric violin on the market back then and they still are.

Keith McMillen Instruments’ SoftStep midi controller–endlessly programmable and indestructible.

D’Addario Strings–reliable, consistent and lots of varieties to choose from for different uses.

Aurisonics In-Ear Monitors–clean, warm and made in Nashville. Oops, they just got bought by Fender so now they’re Fender In-Ear Monitors, I guess. Mine still say Aurisonics.

Boomerang Phrase Samplers–the most user friendly and best sounding loop pedal anywhere. I’ve used them for years. Small company who cares about what they do.

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