Electric Violin Concerto #1 by Tracy Silverman

This work was the basis of a commission by Bale Teatro Guira in Curitiba, Brazil for Brazilian choreographer Henrique Rodovalho, who set the entire 30 minute work. The concerto, as the ballet, “Espaces”, was fully mounted in 2004, including light and scenic design and the Curitiba Symphony performing live with Tracy Silverman 5 nights running to near capacity crowds at Curitiba’s Teatro Guira. The concerto was premiered in 2001. The three movement structure is based on the classic violin concerto model: substantial first movement, slow second movement and upbeat 3rd movement. There are elements of improvisation in the solo part and optionally for featured orchestra players, incorporating elements of jazz, rock and world music. The orchestration is standard orchestral instrumentation with the addition of alto, tenor and baritone saxophones.


Program Notes
Performance History


[wpaudio url=”http://tracysilverman.com/wp-content/music/concerto/m1%20ex%201.mp3″ text=”Movement 1 Excerpt” dl=”0″]
[wpaudio url=”http://tracysilverman.com/wp-content/music/concerto/m2%20ex%203.mp3″ text=”Movement 2 Excerpt” dl=”0″]
[wpaudio url=”http://tracysilverman.com/wp-content/music/concerto/m3%20ex.mp3″ text=”Movement 3 Excerpt” dl=”0″]
[wpaudio url=”http://tracysilverman.com/wp-content/music/concerto/01%20concerto%20m1%20curitiba.mp3″ text=”Movement 1 Complete” dl=”0″]
[wpaudio url=”http://tracysilverman.com/wp-content/music/concerto/02%20concerto%20m2%20curitiba.mp3″ text=”Movement 2 Complete” dl=”0″]
[wpaudio url=”http://tracysilverman.com/wp-content/music/concerto/03%20concerto%20m3%20curitiba.mp3″ text=”Movement 3 Complete” dl=”0″]

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