Three Part Invention - Tracy Silverman

Three Part Invention

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[wpaudio url=” gravity-ital.mp3″ text=”Gravity” dl=”0″]
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  • Tracy Silverman
    Acoustic 6-string violin, vocals
  • Phil Aaberg
  • Eugene Friesen



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Three of the most original instrumentalists to ever mutate out of the classical gene pool join forces to breathe new life into the time-honored piano trio tradition. Violinist Tracy Silverman, pianist Philip Aaberg and cellist Eugene Friesen are on a mission to redefine contemporary chamber music.

Performing works from their new all-Bach CD, “Three Part Invention”, an album of reinterpreted versions of Bach masterpieces, their live concerts also include original works and reinventions of other classical repertoire. Their iconoclastic performances are full of approachable good humor and break all the pretenses of classical performance conventions—jazz, pop and world influences paradoxically accent the beauty, elegance and soulfulness of traditional masterworks.

All three artists have created vibrant solo careers by stretching from their classical roots into folk, jazz, rock and world music. Together in Three Part Invention, their paths converge in homage to the music they first loved.[/fancy_titled_box]